Partnerships and Virgin Island Investment

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The Restaurant at Leverick Bay may be somewhat isolated on an island in the Pacific Ocean but that doesn’t stop us from branching out. With the success of our cuisine, we have attracted the attention of fellow businesses in the area.

The Restaurant at Leverick Bay has partnered with local communities to help provide meals on wheels services and to get local produce from the areas of Virgin Gorda, Peter Island and Jost Van Dyke. We have also set up business partnerships with our neighbours on the US Virgin Islands, where we have a second restaurant that is part of the Divi Carina Bay Resort and Casino.

Being isolated in a business sense on an island should be restrictive in a modern world and by engaging with those around you more businesses can grow, and the local economy can flourish.

The Divi Carina Bay Resort and Casino is a new venture on the US Virgin Island that will help boost tourism within the area. This beach resort is a true paradise and the opportunity to work with them in providing a high standard of cuisine service was too good to turn down.

With the Divi Carina Bay Resort and Casino , there would be a dramatic new updated bar and restaurant area. There is a redesigned pool with beachside seating. The hotel would have refurbished suites with all new Caribbean interiors and brand-new activities and experience for all their guests. The Casino is the ony one on the US Virgin Island and our partnering restaurant would cater to this and the resort guests.

The new resort is located at Tuner Hole in Christiansted and is currently taking reservations during their building process.

The main interest of this partnership is the casino. With people of wealth coming to use the casino’s facilities, there is an added opportunity for those with money to fall in love with our Virgin Islands and perhaps invest. Our Restaurant at Leverick Bay has received many complimentary remarks from our clients, the only downside to their interest in our business was the location. By expanding the opportunities within the area, new changes could happen.

The casino is planned to house 10 poker tables, 5 roulette tables, 30 slot machines and a blackjack table (findable here They also plan to put in place an online service for locals that are not on the US Virgin Island to access their array of games in their virtual from.

Our restaurant will be situated next to the casino’s lobby once the building is complete and there will be a whole new menu in place. This expansion of business also means we are going to hiring new staff to rule the restaurant further adding to the opportunities on both Islands.

If you get the chance to come out to the British Virgin Islands or the US Virgin Islands, then we hope you get to experience all the wonderful new activities surrounding us and especially the food served by yours truly and when you stop by the Restaurant at Leverick Bay, let us know you read this and you’ll get a free bottle of champagne.